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Attract local fauna to your yard with these 5 tips

Your garden is beautiful, but you know what would make it even more beautiful? Wildlife! Australia has some of the most beautiful, curious fauna, and if you want to see some of it in your garden there are loads of easy changes you can make to the landscape to create your own native paradise.

1. Plant the right plants.

A lot of native fauna rely on native plants for food and shelter. If you’re interested in attracting pollinators such as bees, research also suggests that native bees are more attracted to native flora. Planting native also benefits you as a gardener, as these plants are obviously well suited to Australian soil and weather conditions and will require less maintenance. Provide a wide variety of plants – different coloured flowers, shrubs, trees and maybe some fruit and vegetables. If you want to attract birds, choose plants with plenty of nectar and seeds.

2. Provide plenty of shelter.

Whether it’s with shrubs, bird boxes, nests or hides, having shelter will make other animals feel safe, secure, and more likely to come to your garden. Provide shade as well as sunlight, keep some leaves and twigs in a brush pile, and consider natural deterrents for predators. Think to yourself: if you were an injured/pregnant/worried animal, would you feel safe sleeping in your garden?

3. Provide clean drinking water.

All animals need to drink, and the Australian climate can be harsh when it comes to finding drinkable water. Whether it’s a pond, a fountain, a bird bath or a simple bowl, having a fresh water source in your garden will attract anyone and everyone.

4. Keep your pets indoors.

We love our pets, but we should always remember that dogs and cats are hunters and can have a detrimental impact on native wildlife. If you want to keep your dog outside, create distinct spaces for them to run away from the other wildlife. For cats, the best solution is to create an outdoor run where they can observe from a distance – outdoor cats not only kill billions of birds and other small native animals every year, but their lifespan is drastically reduced.

5. Avoid pesticides.

While pesticides are incredibly helpful in controlling the nasty pest population, they also kill indiscriminately. The same pesticide that protects your plants will kill bees, birds that eat the plant, or mammals that eat poisoned insects. Use natural, organic pest control methods, such as garlic, chilli, ground coffee, some teas or eucalyptus oil. Also remember: the more wildlife you attract, the more pest predators you have at your disposal: insect eaters, weed and grass eaters especially.

With these tips, you’ll have your garden crawling with wildlife in no time! For all your other garden needs, our range of durable outdoor furniture, garden tools and décor is perfectly tailored for you. Shop on our site now or visit our trusted partners.


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