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7 Ways to Easily Improve your Poolside

The pool is a quintessential hallmark of an Aussie backyard. The perfect hangout for summer, it’s easily the most active part of your backyard. After a while though, it’s easy to see how the novelty fades, especially during the winter months. Primp up your pool with Gardeon and our top tips for highlighting your backyard pool.

Dynamic lighting

Your pool is an incredible feature of your backyard that you should be highlighting, and that means having the perfect lighting set-up. This not only includes outside the pool, but inside the pool as well. 

There are lots of ways you can light up your pool for maximum style. For a casual fun look, fairy lights look great either hanging high above the pool or stringing along the fence. Be careful though – you’ll want to make sure they’re shatterproof, built for outdoors, and (if they’re above the pool) at least 10 feet above the water. They’re best used as a temporary decoration and not a permanent installation for both safety and maintenance.

As far as other lighting goes, there are plenty of smart LED, solar-powered and motion-detecting lights that will suit your style. The more, the better! Choose standing lights for that indoor-outdoor blend, or go small and use battery-operated decorative lights on outdoor furniture to create a really intimate, cosy vibe. Just make sure all electricals are installed/designed by professionals and there are no cables near the water!

As for underwater, you’re best to go with LED lights. You can really highlight the clear water with cool lighting, or you can light it up the colour of your choice to really make an impact.

Fairy lights can add a touch of magic to your poolside - just make sure they're at least 10 feet above the pool and installed by a professional.

Invest in landscaping

If you’re already in the renovation mindset, create your own personal oasis by surrounding your pool with greenery. Fragrant, colourful, native species will make a beautiful environment. Ornamental grasses, vines and trees that tower over the space will look gorgeous and make a lovely tropical getaway…just be careful you choose plants that will make the least mess in the water, or you’ll spend your autumn digging out debris from the pool filter.

Other inclusions to your garden might include a water feature in or around the pool, or surrounding it with decorative statues.

Landscaping can make a dramatic difference to your backyard and bring out the best in your poolside.
A white decorative outdoor water fountain from Gardeon.

Choose a coloured finish with a contrasting coping

If you are gutting the pool from the inside out, put careful consideration into the finish you want. The most popular colour is blue, but the type of blue you choose – sapphire, turquoise, viridian – will make all the difference. You’ll also have to decide on materials, like whether you want the shine of tile or the natural look of pebbles. Finally, you’ll have to match it all to the pool coping, the material used to cap or edge the pool. There are many ways you can style the coping - it can be squared or rounded, made with tiles or stone, and you can use contrasting colours for an impactful accent piece.

The colour of your pool finish and coping can make a dramatic difference to your backyard.

Find the perfect outdoor furniture

Create an inviting space around the pool for people to gather. What’s the point of having a pool if nobody wants to relax by it? Create a welcoming environment with an open lounge set, plenty of table room and loads of comfortable seating. If it’s convertible, like this unique Gardeon piece, all the better! For maximum outdoor cosiness, plant a fire pit/BBQ nearby – nothing attracts an Aussie crowd like a hot fire, marshmallows and a grill!

Find the right outdoor furniture to attract guests to your poolside, like this set of outdoor lounges.
An outdoor wicker lounger from Gardeon.

Decorate with floating accessories

It doesn’t matter whether you’re kids or Big Kids, everyone loves a pool float. For the little ones, a ride on float, tube or boat is the perfect thing for a hot summer day. For adults, large floats, floating bars or pool fitness equipment will add extra fun to your day, and all ages can enjoy water games with anything from a water polo set to inflatable hoops. For best results, clean and dry pool accessories and put them away after use – that will protect them from sun damage, algae and more.

A floating pool lounger is one ay to make your pool inviting for guests throughout summer.

Invest in a great pool cover

The best solution is prevention! If you want to avoid a gross, high-maintenance pool, invest in a good pool cover. Not only does a pool cover help cut back on evaporation, chemical waste (from pool cleaning) and pool debris, there are even covers that can help heat your pool!

A pool cover is a great way to prevent dirt and debris from getting into your pool, save on water and even heat your pool.

Install a nice safety fence

Finally, if you have kids or pets, you’ll want the perfect fence to keep curious little feet and prying eyes out! Combine with landscaping by surrounding your pool with hedges to create a natural privacy screen. Glass fencing is an elegant solution that won’t totally ruin your garden’s look, or you might choose a wooden fence for a rustic, homey feel. Of course, the traditional aluminium fence is still available, though they come in far more styles than before and all kinds of colours.

A fence is a great way to not only protect your family but to accent your poolside.

Pools are the centrepiece of most backyards. Highlight yours with Gardeon! Buy from our website or one of our partnered retailers today!


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